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Micro = Lam Carried Member
Truss To Truss Heavy Load Hangers
Square-Skewed-Hip & Jack-Terminal Radial Member

BH Bucket Hangers bolt to 2 x 8 min. webs.
BHR Radial Hangers for multiple members.
BHS Hangers are skewed 45°, specify right or left hand.
BHJ Hangers carry 2 ply hip truss and end jack.
BHT Terminal Hangers accept 45° hips, one or two ply, plus single ply end jack. Bolting plate is 1/4 x 7 x 27 high.

Material : BH, BHS & BHJ all 1/4" A-36 steel. BHT pockets are 3/16" A-36 steel.
Finish : Black copolymer finish.

Caution - 2 x 8 maximum bottom chord on carrying girder. Skewed version requires special location of web.

Warning - all girder plys must be securely fastened together to act as one unit and the hanger bolts are not to be considered for this purpose.

Unit of Measure

Girder Bolts

N/A 8 3/4 in
Material1 N/A A-36 Steel


N/A Black Copolymer

Wind Uplift

N/A 1540

Wind Uplift

N/A 1255
  • 1 BHT pockets are 3/16" A-36 steel.