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Allowable Vertical Load for ABA Bolted Anchors
    Installation Notes :
    Standard washers are required for CAB series; washers are not required for ABA series, however washers are necessary under nuts for both types. Maintain 7 bolt diameter spacing on CAB types: measured from top of plate to center of first bolt. Match drill bolt holes to avoid splitting wood.

    Material : 12 gauge, 10 gauge, and 3 gauge.
    Finish : Galvanized G60 and black copolymer paint.
Unit of Measure

No. and Dia. of Bolts to Wood

N/A (2) 5/8" M.B.

Bolt Dia. to Concrete

N/A 5/8 in

Suggested Min. Embedment

N/A 13 in


N/A 3 gauge10 gauge12 gauge


N/A Black Copolymer Paint Galvanized G60

Load @ 1 1/2 Thickness

N/A 1960 lbs

Load @ 2 Thickness

N/A 2495 lbs

Load @ 2 1/2 Thickness

N/A 3025 lbs

Load @ 3 Thickness

N/A 3160 lbs

Load @ 3 1/2 Thickness

N/A 3290 lbs