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  • SPF

    Spike Grids are used primarily in pole construction, docks, piling, wharves, and railroad and highway bridges or trestles. Flat and circular grids are used between sawn timbers, while single curve grids are used between round piles or poles and sawn members.

    Manufactured from malleable iron in accordance with current ASTM Specification A-47, Grade 32510.

    Spike Grids are available in 3 types : flat, single curve, and circular. Single curve fits between one rounded and one flat member. Circular fits between two flat or curved members. Flat fits between two flat members. Also available galvanized to ASTM A-153.

    Install with grid applicator or hydraulically, cannot be installed by tightening standard nut.


    Material : Hot-rolled SAE 1010 carbon steel. Standard or galvanized.
    Use : Split Rings are used primarily in the assembly of clear spans ranging from 20' to 250' and are available in 2 1/2" and 4" diameters. They are placed in specially made groove in overlapping members, and thus, the rings develop maximum strength in the joints by distributing the stress over a greater area. The special wedge shape of the ring section provides maximum tolerance for easy insertion, at the same time insuring a tight-fitting joint when the ring is fully inserted in the conforming groove. Generally, the 2 1/2" diameter ring is used for lighter trusses and trussed rafters utilizing 2" lumber; the 4" diameter ring is used for heavier trusses using 3" and heavier material. A separate publication for engineering design use data is available.

    Conforming grooves for TECO Split Rings are cut with precision made grooving tools, available from CCS, which can be used in heavy duty 3/4" drills or in drill presses with 1/2" minimum chucks.

    All Timber Connectors are also available when specified, with a hot-dip galvanized coating. The galvanizing specification for the malleable iron shear plates and spike grids is ASTM A-153, for Split Rings the specification is ASTM A-123.

    Some connectors are available in other metals on special inquiry basis. When making grooves or daps for galvanized connectors, it may be necessary to increase the width and depth of the groove to compensate for the galvanized coating. This is accomplished as follows :

    1. loosen the socket set screw on the cutter blade(s) that cut outside diameter of groove,
    2. insert shim material (try approx. 0.010") under cutter(s),
    3. lower cutting depth of blade(s) approx. 0.010" and tighten set screw,
    4. lower the other groove cutting blades the same amount,
    5. check connector for good fit in grooves of mating pieces, adjust further if needed.

  • TECO-301

    To cut groove or dap with either cutterhead :
    Bolt holes are already drilled in the wood, insert a PILOT into the cutterhead : (A pilot is simply a guiding or centering device.
    Replacement cutter blade sets are available for all cutterheads.
    All pilots have 1/2" machine shank for use in power drill.
    The cutterhead can be used in heavy duty 3/4" power drill with a torsion bar or in a drill press with minimum 1/2" chuck to cut grooves and daps for TECO split rings.

  • SP-2-6

    Are set in pre-cut daps in wood timbers, flush with the face of the wood. The shear plate spreads the load and reduces the number of bolts required. Made of malleable Iron to ASTM Specification A-47, Grade 325.10. Shear plates may be secured with nails for security in handling and transit.

    Shear plates are used in connections between wood and steel, such as steel tie plates, arch shoes and truss heel joints.

    Also used in demountable joints in scaffolding, bleacher seats, and other knockdown wood structures.
    Includes pilot and blades.