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  • Glulam Rivet

    Glulam Rivets are high strength fasteners developed specifically for glued lamination timber construction. They have a flattened oval shank with a wedge shaped head. Rivets must be installed with the flat face parallel to grain. Steel side plates must be 1/8" A-36 or thicker and have 1/4" diameter holes into which the wedge head is driven with 3/32" of head protruding.
    Material : 1/8" x 1/4" tempered steel
    Finish : Hot-Dip Galvanized.

  • Hanger Nails

    Cleveland Hanger Nails were developed and tested to meet code specifications. Annular ring shanks provide extra resistance to withdrawal. Strength value for Group II lumber.
    Option: Zinc plated or hot-dip galvanized.
    Nails made in U.S.A.