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  • Column Base

    Heavy Duty B Bases for columns that require a rugged connection to concrete for uplift forces. BE bases are economy version for lighter duty residential applications. Charted sizes are for sawn lumber and Parallam columns.

    Heavy duty version made from 3/16" A36 steel (except B-77 & B-88 are 1/4") and provide 7 1/2" embedment. Light duty made from 11 gauge steel and provide 5 1/2" embedment.

    Finish : Black Copolymer Paint, Hot-Dip Galvanized.

    Uplift loads have been increased for wind or earthquake and must be reduced for cantilever

  • Heavy-Duty Column Cap

    Heavy Duty Column Caps provide a rugged connection between columns and beams. Charted sizes are for heavy timber and Parallam®. Also available for glulam, LVL and rough sawn timber.
    Precision punched and formed for good fit and alignment.

    Material : 7 ga. and 3 ga.
    Finish : Black copolymer paint, Hot-dip galvanized.

    Uplift loads have been increased for wind or earthquake and must be reduced for cantilever
    Seat Bearing based on 460 psi for nominal and 560 psi for Parallam®
    Check parallel to grain bearing for species and grade being used for column.

  • Bases

    Attractive Cast Aluminum

    • Rugged Appearance
    • Weather Resistant

    Heavy cast aluminum post base. May be secured to concrete with 1/2" anchor bolt, dowel or other type of fastener. Secure post to base with wood screws or nails. The center recess accommodates the fastener head or nut and washer. Weep holes provide drainage and air circulation. Sand blasted finish requires no paint.

  • Economy Post Base

    Post Base for porches and car ports. Secure base to masonry with 1/2" anchor bolts and to post with screws or nails. Insert separates post from masonry, provides drainage. Slotted hole in base permits lateral positioning.
    Supply in full cartons only.

  • Post Cap

    Post Cap


    Post Cap for porches, car ports and other columns. Secure with nails or screws to join post and beam without toenailing or splitting. May be used in pairs for extra strong connections.
    Supply in full cartons only.

  • Elevated Post Base

    New Styling-Square Post
    Black Copolymer Finish
    Ideal for Porch, Deck, Carport

    EPB Elevated Post Bases provide anchorage for wind uplift, lateral and gravity loads. Elevated posts prevent wood rot and permit easy cleaning.

    Installation : Set in wet concrete after screeding. Limit post seat to less than 3" above concrete. Square post will not rotate or withdrawal.

  • Deck Brackets

    DB Deck Brackets are handy for light-duty connections as a base or cap. Anchors rail posts to deck or cross members to beam. Four sizes in stock. Special sizes made to order.

    Material : 18 ga.
    Finish : Galvanized