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  • STC-4
  • Strap Anchors

    Strap Anchors secure joists, beams and studs to concrete walls and footings to resist wind and seismic forces. Designed primarily for new construction, they are also used for upgrade of existing structures.
    Duration of load increases of 33% and 60% are listed. Further increases are not allowed. Bolt and nail loads are not additive.

    Finish : Galvanized G60 and black copolymer paint.

  • Bolted Anchors

    Allowable Vertical Load for ABA Bolted Anchors

  • Anchor Bolt

    For anchoring sills to masonry walls. 2" thread one end. Opposite end bent 1 1/2" on inside. Nuts and washers included.

    Material : 1/2" and 3/8" Diam. round bar stock.
    Finish : Mill.

  • Mudsill Anchor

    Anchors mudsill and/or stud to slab or footer. Hammer prongs into form before pour or MS-10 can be positioned after pour.
    Easy to screed concrete and wrap around sill or nail to stud.
    Excellent 1100 lb. uplift rating.

    Material : 16 ga.
    Finish : Galvanized

  • Joist Anchors

    For end & side wall anchoring
    Joist Anchor No. T18A, T18B and T24 normally used every fourth joist to anchor end of joist to masonry wall. No. T40 and T48 are used on 8 foot centers to anchor joists to parallel masonry wall. Pins are 1/2 x 5 welded in place. Bulk packed, plain finish

  • FA-1

    Framing Anchor ties a truss to single wall plate. Available right or left hand. Must use same hand for back to back installation. Nails included.

    Framing Anchors are designed for proper nail location to avoid splitting. They solve many framing conditions where a better than toenail connection is desired. FA-1 are 4-3/4" high with 15/16" x 15/16" top angle and 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" lower flanges. Tabs are 1-1/2" long. Special 11 gauge x 1-1/4" nails packed in all cartons. FA-1 and FA-2 are available in right or left hand. Packed 100 per carton including nails.

    Material : 18 gauge.

    Finish : Galvanized G60.